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Different Line Bets in a Game of Craps

Line bets are the basic bets a player can make in a game of craps. Here is a description of each of the these to help you out on your game.

Pass Line

If the Come Out Roll brings up a 7 or 11, otherwise known as a "natural" you automatically win. But if the come out roll brings up a 2, 3, or 12 you lose.

Now if the shooter gets neither of the two sets of numbers mentioned (meaning he doesn't get a natural or crabs) but instead scores a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10; this is called a Point. The same shooter then has to roll the dice again and again until a 7 or another Point comes up. If a 7 comes up you lose; but if a Point is rolled then you win, a new shooter takes his turn.

Don't Pass

This is pretty much the opposite of the Pass Line bet. You win If the Come Out Roll pulls up a 2 or 3. If it turns out as a 7 or 11 then you lose. 12 results in a draw (rules depend on the casino). This is done to ensure the casino has a house edge. If a Point is made on the Come Out Roll and Point rolled again a Don't Pass loses, If a 7 is rolled player wins. Not many people do this because it is against the Shooter.

Pass Odds

Players are allowed to place additional bets to their pass line bet (players may add up to 5 times the original bet or even more depending on the casinos' house rules). You win if on the series of rolls after the come out roll pulls up another point. If instead a 7 turns up you lose.

Don't Pass Odds

You are also allowed to put additional bets on your Don't Pass Bet. This is done by placing bets on the don't pass line/bar. The bet is the opposite of the Pass Odds bet. It wins or loses like a Don't Pass Bet.

Come Bet

This line bet can be made at any point in the game after the Come Out Roll. The rules are very much the same as the Pass Line Bet. Players use this to make more numbers work for them all at the same time. If a point is rolled this bet is moved to the base of the corresponding number that came up. If that number comes up you win, if a 7 comes up instead it loses. Odds bets can also be made (i.e. you can also make additional bets).

If the shooter rolls the designated Come Bet number on the Point roll the you win but it ends up making a new come-out roll. In the new come out roll, if a 7 comes up all active come bets lose but the odds for those will be returned to the respective player. If that number comes up that number wins but the odds are returned.

Don't Come

Obviously, this turns out as the opposite of a come bet. This is a line bet where a player wagers a craps will eventually come out after the Come Out Roll. Or it may be that if a point is made, you're betting that that number won't come up and a 7 would result in the next series of rolls.

Study and practice each line bet until you get an idea how each one works. Since these are fundamental, after learning them you can move on to other types of bets.